A 45-year-old dentist and father of six children from the US state of Colorado poisoned his wife in an attempt to start a new life with his lover, but his calculations turned out to be crooked and now he regrets it terribly, The Daily Beast reports.

On March 15 of this year, James Craig took his wife to the hospital. Angela complained of dizziness and a severe headache, and soon her condition began to deteriorate rapidly.

A groom canceled the wedding for a scandalous reason, and the police intervened

The doctors put her on artificial lung ventilation, but their measures did not help and very soon the American woman fell into brain death.

Days before the crime, James researched on the Internet what poisons can kill a person without leaving a trace. He bought arsenic, cyanide and oleandrine and then started adding the cyanide to his wife’s protein shake.

And while his wife was dying in the hospital, the dentist warmed the bed of his other friend, who lived in Denver.

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