7 tricks for proper storage of beets and carrots: a neighbor won’t tell you about it

After digging up beets and carrots, many summer residents are thinking about how to properly organize the storage of root crops.

Experienced gardeners shared secrets that will help protect the harvest of beets and carrots until spring and summer.

Rules for storing beets and carrots

1. The best beet harvesting time is determined by comparing the planting date and the ripening period, which is indicated on the seed bag.

Timely harvesting preserves the high taste of root crops and promotes long-term storage.

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2. It is better not to pull the carrots by the tops, but carefully dig them with a shovel. So the probability of damage to the root crop is lower. You can also get beets by the tops, because 1/3 of the vegetable looks out from under the ground.

3. The tops must be cut carefully so as not to damage the pulp.

4. After digging, the vegetables are dried in the sun for 2-3 hours. Root crops need to be turned over periodically.

5. You can store root crops in a bucket or box. A layer of sand 2-3 cm deep is covered at the bottom, and carrots or beets are laid on top. Then a new layer of sand and again root crops. Then repeat and so on until the end.

6. Only intact fruits are sent for long-term storage. Otherwise, poor-quality carrots or beets will begin to rot, which can ruin the entire crop.

7. When pouring layers of sand, it is better to add a little preparation that contains Trichoderma. It will reduce the likelihood of rotting of root crops that lie until summer.

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