4 tips for large and juicy radishes: the vegetable will never go into the arrow

Summer residents who love a salad with radishes and green onions, seasoned with sour cream, often wonder why the root crop was born bitter and inconspicuous.

  • shading
  • thinning
  • Watering
  • loosening

Probably, the plantings went into the arrow – in this case, the radish is unlikely to turn out to be large and tasty.

However, you will be able to avoid such trouble if you follow the following recommendations.


The sun’s rays, long daylight hours and temperatures above +13 degrees are the incentives that encourage radishes to bloom.

Photo: © Belnovosti

To prevent the vegetable from wasting energy on unnecessary goals, try to place the root crops in a place that is sheltered from the sun in the afternoon. As a last resort, use a dark non-woven fabric.


Those plants that have enough space, which means water, light and nutrients, will not fight among themselves and will grow large and strong.


A juicy and delicate taste of root crops can be achieved if the earth in the beds is constantly moistened.


Try to regularly engage in loosening in the beds where radishes are planted and not only. It is best to do the procedure after watering, when the water is gone. You can combine business with pleasure, at the same time pulling weeds out of the ground.

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