2 tablespoons of fertilizer – and your roses will be strewn with large flowers

If you want roses to bloom for a long time and luxuriantly, then one of the conditions is the selection of the right fertilizer.

The main task of the gardener is to increase the number of buds and increase the strength of the stem.

To increase the number of buds, you can use fertilizers with a phosphorus base, for example, superphosphate – just dissolve 2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water.

If you want to make the flowers brighter, then you can create a top dressing with magnesium – just dilute a spoonful of magnesium sulfate in 10 liters of water.

Photo: © Belnovosti

In this case, roses need to be watered after bud formation.

During the flowering period, you can add some chicken manure – mix 1 serving of manure and 3 servings of water. Before use, the solution should be given three days to infuse. Next, dilute this solution with water in a ratio of 1 to 15.

You can take the path of least resistance and purchase universal fertilizer, but the result will be worse.

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