What happens to vision after the age of 40. This process can be prevented!

Presbyopia, or age-related deterioration of vision, begins to develop already after 40 years, but usually does not cause any special concern to doctors.

It is considered to be a natural process related to the aging of the whole organism, so no special treatment is required. Only glasses are prescribed, which after some time have to be exchanged for others – with stronger sharpness. However, presbyopia can not only be prevented, but also cured at an early stage. Active assistants in this regard are diet and special exercises.

Scientists have established that the main cause of presbyopia is improper nutrition, which results in a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in the body. Therefore, the menu must include products rich in vitamins (group A, C, B) and potassium, iron and phosphorus.

The main suppliers of vitamin A are liver, egg yolk, sweet cream, butter, fish oil, cheddar cheese, carrots and carrot juice, paprika, green onions, parsley, sorrel, spinach, lettuce, apricots.

You should only take into account that you should not consume more than half a glass of carrot juice per day – in larger quantities it has a negative effect on the liver.

There are many vitamins of group B in meat, fish, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, rye bread, wheat germ, vegetables, legumes, soy, potatoes, nuts.

The best storehouse of vitamin C is rosehip fruit, rowan berries, citrus fruits, paprika, sea buckthorn, white cabbage, tomatoes.

Fresh and dried apricots, raisins, melon, celery, honey, apple vinegar contain potassium; phosphorus – fish and sea products; iron – sour apples. Of course, these products are not the only ones.
And more. The diet should not only be healthy, but most importantly, varied, because vitamins and trace elements are absorbed much better if they complement each other.

It is very healthy to fast once a week – it helps remove harmful substances and impurities from the body, including from the tissues around the eyes. As a result, the eye muscles become more flexible, the pupils focus better, and vision improves.

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