What are seasonal spasms? People in respectable years should know

When the season changes, not only our wardrobe changes, but often also our feeling of well-being. Very often, the change in weather conditions, mainly in autumn and spring, causes a deterioration of health, which is especially felt by the elderly.

Most often, they complain of heart and headache pain, sharp changes in blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, increased excitability.

The most common cause of heart attacks and headaches is blood vessel spasms, which interfere with normal blood flow. The simplest means of removing spasms is psychocorrection, which everyone can do himself and which aims to develop optimism, tolerance, love of life and other positive qualities.

Creating such an attitude helps to engage in a hobby: playing music, drawing, handicrafts. Any pleasant activity suppresses all the stimuli that cause circulatory disorders.

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