Top 5 Mobile Apps for Child Safety

Children are back in school, and the darkest months of the year are approaching, when parents are especially worried about their child’s safety outside the home. The telephone service center “MTTC Latvija” recommends five mobile apps that will help you feel safer while your children are on their own.

1. Family Travel Browser

While the parents are at work, but the student moves independently between home and school, extracurricular interests and other activities with friends, both the child and the parents will benefit from an app that clearly shows the location and movement of all family members, e.g. , free Life 360. The application not only allows you to find out locations, but also to send free SMS, create a group and private chats. It is available for both Android and iOS operating system phones

2. Child location browser

For parents who want their child’s activities to be recorded, the free app Find My Kids can come to the rescue. Parents can also view the battery charge status of their child’s mobile device, as well as other phone settings. The application also offers the possibility to hear what is happening around the child, including conversations, and also offers the possibility to make the incoming call signal especially loud if the child does not answer the phone call. On the other hand, the child has access to the SOS button if he is in trouble. The app is available for both Android and iOS phones.

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