Tips that will improve not only your pet’s life, but yours as well

Bad breath, dog hair on the carpet, clothes, even food, perpetual mess at home… This time it’s not about the bachelor life, it’s about the dogs. Adopting a pet is a great happiness, but it also brings with it an equal amount of responsibility and all the other consequences.

Our editors have prepared great tips for dog care. You will definitely find something useful from all of this.

Dog grooming tips

1. Fresh breath makes it possible to improve the interaction between the owner and the dog. If you add fresh parsley to your dog’s dry food, the animal’s breath will improve significantly.

2. If your little gobbler eats his dry food in one gulp, put a tennis ball in the middle of the bowl. This will help the animal eat its food much more slowly.

3. Old sweater, pillow, scissors, thread and needle – comfortable dog bed ready! And you won’t have to spend a lot of money on store-bought cribs.

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