Storms of emotions “hit the heart”. How to dispel them?

Strong experiences have an immediate effect on the heart. How to help her cope with emotional storms?

The term “emotion” comes from the Latin word emoveo, which means “to arouse”, “to excite”. First of all, the storm of emotions mercilessly affects the cardiovascular system. In order not to get sick, you need to learn how to get out of a state of emotional stress quickly and correctly, and in this sense, a lot depends on what kind of emotions have taken over a person.

Immeasurable hate
In order to fight a critical situation when a person is overwhelmed by hatred and rage, the body has to consume a huge amount of strength and energy. The tone, muscle strength increases sharply, all energy processes are mobilized. Heart rate increases, arterial pressure, lung ventilation, adrenaline level increase. Immunological reactions are accelerated. However, all this mobilization of resources does not take place economically and purposefully, but rather stormy, uncalculated and not always adequate to the situation.

The best way to release aggression is through physical activity: a brisk walk or run. In this situation, muscle activity causes blood vessels to dilate and reduce overall pressure, but muscle fatigue will stimulate braking processes in the central nervous system. True, in this situation you must not lose your head either – the load must be adequate. It is not difficult to imagine what will happen if an untrained person runs up the stairs to the ninth floor in a state of affect.

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