Ron Paul: the collapse of the dollar has already begun

Former US Congressman Ron Paul announced the collapse of the dollar, which was preceded by a blow from Russia and the BRICS countries.

After that, the global dominance of the dollar is not so strong, the analyst believes. The easing will be preceded by new reports of transactions in national currencies.

According to the former US congressman, the struggle of the BRICS countries and Russia against the dominance of the dollar has already yielded its first fruits, writes InfoBRICS.

Paul warns that the dollar model will inevitably collapse.

Money Dollars
Photo: © Belnovosti

It has already begun. Every day you will read another story that some large country – it could be India, China, Russia – makes deals all over the world using the local currency, – quotes MIA Rossiya Segodnya as the words of an expert.

However, it is enough that Russia and the BRICS countries have switched to settlements in local currencies.

The American currency will not be able to compete with the currencies of other countries, which will cause an inevitable collapse.

The fact that the dominance of the dollar is coming to an end is also indicated by the first “cracks” that became visible at the end of last year.

The expert draws attention to the fact that 2022 will be remembered for a significant reduction in “the use of the dollar as a world reserve currency.”

Ron Paul is confident that this is just the beginning and the process will continue “in the same direction.”

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