Lukashenko spoke about the pensions of Belarusians

On March 31, the President of Belarus, during his annual address to the people and parliament, spoke about the pensions that compatriots receive.

  • social justice
  • Plans for the coming year

Commenting on the new active pension savings program, Alexander Lukashenko recalled that part of the savings is paid out of public funds.

As part of his annual address to the people and parliament, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko spoke about raising pensions in Belarus and about the pension savings program.

social justice

One of the conditions for ensuring the sovereignty and independence of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko called social justice, which is expressed in the social security of citizens.

Alexander Lukashenko
Photo: press service of the President of the Republic of Belarus

The head of state noted that Belarus remembers the older generation and cited a threefold increase in pensions in 2022 as an example.

At the same time, a program of pension savings under the 3 + 3 system began to operate for future pensioners, where the state pays part of the funds for a future pension.

Tell me, where else in what country can you find such an example? – the press service of the Belarusian leader quotes the speech.

Plans for the coming year

As for the increase in 2023, Alexander Lukashenko said that according to the plans of the authorities, the growth in incomes of the population will exceed 4% in real terms.

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