It’s cold outside, it’s warm indoors – help your skin!

As cooler weather and the heating season approaches, the needs of our skin and body also change, so it is necessary to review our skin care habits. In cold weather, the condition of the skin is affected by cold, wind, and dry air indoors, as well as temperature fluctuations, when sometimes you have to be in the cold, sometimes in the heat.

How to take care of the health and well-being of your skin during the heating season – advises BENU Aptieka’s expert, Veselisi centras 4 Dermatology Clinic dermatologist Jeļena Isajeva and BENU Aptieka’s clinical pharmacist Ilze Priedniece.

In cold weather, the skin is warm, but the air is very cold, so there is a big difference between the temperature of the skin and the air. Adapting to this unfavorable situation, the skin changes its properties. The main problem experienced by the skin in winter is the loss of moisture.

With a lack of moisture, the skin loses its elasticity. Generally, in cool weather, oily skin becomes normal, normal skin becomes drier, and dry skin becomes more and more sensitive. When the skin does not cope with adverse conditions, it starts to peel and crack. When choosing cosmetics and skin care methods, it is imperative to take these features into account, emphasizes dermatologist J. Isajeva.

The most common mistakes
Too frequent scrubbing and exfoliation, which leads to skin loss of moisture, dryness and a tightening sensation. The pores of the skin expand and the elasticity of the skin is lost.

Use of hot water. Cool and slightly warm water is recommended for the skin in winter.

Ignoring sunscreen. At any time of the year, ultraviolet radiation in high doses is harmful and contributes to skin photoaging and pigmentation.

Using moisturizing creams in winter in the morning or just before going outside.

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