How much will the dollar and euro cost by the end of the year

The situation with the exchange rate of the dollar and the euro seriously occupies many, and all because of all the ways to store savings, citizens choose these currencies.

Everyone has their own reasons for that. But how not to be deceived by the abundance of information, because the dollar is predicted to inevitably collapse in the long term? experts report on how the situation will develop in the foreseeable future, that is, by the end of this year.

Experts note that in conversations on this topic, citizens are frightened by the reduction in oil production in 2024 and the inevitable consequences.

Currency exchange
Photo: © Belnovosti

But analysts are reassuring, saying that in 2023 this event is more of a verbal nature.

However, gradually this process will be launched, which will certainly lead to an increase in the price of oil on world markets.

And when this happens, and according to experts’ calculations, this may happen in the second half of the year, we can expect the strengthening of the Russian ruble in the range of 77-79 rubles per dollar.

And if everything goes as analysts suggest, then at the end of December 2023 the dollar will be 77-82 rubles. The euro will be traded more expensive – in the range of 82-89 rubles.

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