What tea will help you lose weight: nutritionists have compiled a list of the best options

People who are actively interested in the topic of healthy eating are well aware that tea can improve the condition of the body and assist in rapid weight loss.

  • What tea will help get rid of extra pounds?
  • ginger
  • Matcha
  • Oolong
  • Indian masala tea
  • nettle tea

Therefore, drinks can be safely used in case of weight loss.

What tea will help get rid of extra pounds?


This drink is a real classic for those who want to lose weight. Tea has a significant acceleration of the metabolic process, promotes natural weight loss.

Ginger tea works best when consumed without sweetener.

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The famous Japanese tea is in most cases mentioned as a miraculous drink that can prolong youth and overcome oncology.

However, in matters of rapid weight loss, it is also effective.

Experts note that for weight loss it is worth consuming matcha with plant-based milk without sugar.


This is one of the varieties of green tea that has the ability to destroy body fat. Not every drink can boast such a valuable skill.

Therefore, with active weight loss, oolong should often appear in your diet.

Indian masala tea

The advantage of this drink is that it is proposed to be consumed together with a specially selected set of spices. Thanks to this, a natural cleansing of the body occurs.

The drink also improves digestion.

nettle tea

This is an excellent herbal drink to strengthen the body and immune system. Tea does a great job of restoring the body.

It also has an excellent ability to reduce appetite during the day.

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