What not to eat with gastritis: recommendations of the therapist

Gastritis is a serious disease in which certain rules must be observed so as not to worsen one’s condition.

For example, you should stop smoking. Under the ban in this case should be alcohol.

As for meals, they should be five times a day, but portions should be small. Some foods will have to be excluded from the diet. Therapist Olga Chirkova told NEWS.ru in more detail about this.

The doctor noted that with any type of gastritis, it is necessary to abandon spicy, smoked, fried foods. Pickled foods should also be removed from the menu.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Harm will be from onions and garlic.

It is better to exclude some raw vegetables completely, for example, white cabbage, mushrooms. Sour fruits and berries can harm.

In addition, dishes should not be too hot or too cold. Food must be thermally, chemically and mechanically gentle.

If the acidity is not lowered, then, as Chirkova noted in an interview with reporters, you should not eat strong broths.

It is also advisable to refuse sweets, soft muffins, soda and coffee.

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