What low-calorie dishes can be found in fast food: you can even have such a snack on a diet

Despite the fact that fast food is associated exclusively with something fatty and unhealthy, in any fast food restaurant you can find something low-calorie that will certainly not harm your figure.

  • Fried chicken
  • Hamburger
  • Sushi

Fried chicken

Look carefully through the menu for grilled chicken breast or legs. You can reduce the amount of fat in such a dish by removing the skin from the chicken.

Ask for fresh or roasted vegetables as a side dish.


Of course, not any burger is suitable for a “dietary” snack, but the one that was cooked on a fire. If possible, you should also refuse sauces in the composition.

French fries
Photo: © Belnovosti

It will have much less fat, which means that without a twinge of conscience you can dine on an appetizing bun with a juicy cutlet and fresh vegetables.


Despite the fact that rolls, sushi and sashimi have slightly more carbohydrates than nutritionists recommend (primarily because of the boiled white rice in the composition), they cannot be called too high in calories.

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