What are the benefits and harms of plums: who should eat the fruits

Many people love plums. Not only do they have a bright taste and delicate aroma, which makes the fruits more appetizing, but plums are also good for health.

This was told by nutritionist Natalya Gridina in an interview with Life.

As the specialist explained, such fruits are necessary to stabilize the digestive tract, normalize the stool. In addition, plums contain antioxidants that prevent aging of the body.

The benefits don’t end there.

Photo: Pixabay

As the doctor explained, there are various vitamins in plums, for example, C, A, B.

Fruits help improve memory, and there will be benefits for liver function when eating plums.

But we must not forget about the cons.

If a person has stomach problems, for example, he has diarrhea, increased acidity, gastritis, and so on, then it is better to refuse plums or eat them in very limited quantities.

In the case of diabetes or obesity, care must also be taken.

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