The doctor told why the chicken should not be eaten more than three times a week

Chicken is a product that is present in the diet of almost everyone.

The product is especially relevant for those who play sports. Still, in a small piece of poultry (100 grams), you can find 15 grams of protein.

But how often can you add such an ingredient to your menu?

Surgeon Alexander Umnov told Life more about this.

Photo: Pixabay

As the doctor noted, if a person does not have constant training, then you do not need to add the product to your diet more than three times a week.

The fact is that there is a risk of developing urolithiasis, heart problems.

In this case, the skin from the chicken should always be removed, as toxins accumulate in it.

It is best to cook this type of meat. As for grilled chicken, the aroma of this treat always causes appetite, but such a dish is dangerous for health. The thing is that against the background of the use of drugs in chickens, bacteria resistant to antibiotics can develop.

Also, the doctor recommended taking such products only in proven places. Raw chicken or minced meat is simply forbidden to eat.

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