The doctor dispelled popular myths about products that allegedly provoke weight gain

Nutritionist Alexei Kabanov noted that many products in their pure form are less caloric. Usually kilograms appear from the method of preparation, harmful additives.

The problem also arises if a person does not know the measure, he has bad habits and at the same time there is no food culture.

For example, as Kabanov noted in a conversation with representatives of, you should not drink vegetable salad with sweet juice or add purchased ketchup to diet chicken.

The doctor singled out potatoes, noting that the vegetable is useful in small quantities. Such a root crop has a good effect on the heart, gastrointestinal tract, and copes with heartburn. In young fruits, you can find ascorbic acid, which has a positive effect on immunity.

Dried fruits
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It is best to cook such a product. But at the same time, you can not add oil, any other fatty additives, salt or sugar.

Kabanov also told about another product that many consider harmful. It’s about popcorn.

However, if you just eat popcorn without sugar and salt, then the calorie content of this popular delicacy will be reduced by half.

He dispelled the myth that legumes provoke obesity. The specialist recalled that peas, beans or lentils are foods that are saturated with protein, they can quickly and permanently satisfy the feeling of hunger.

Kabanov recommended including plant-based protein in the diet, and also advised trying plant-based milk and paying more attention to vegan desserts.

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