Rospotrebnadzor told why you need to eat fresh peas

Summer is the time for fresh fruits and vegetables.

But do not forget about peas, which also saturate with vitamins and are rich in protein, zinc, iron and other useful microelements, Moskovsky Komsomolets writes.

The benefits don’t end there.

As Rospotrebnadzor experts explained, peas also contain a record amount of vitamin B5, which is important for the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Peas also have a positive effect on the state of immunity. If you eat it regularly, you can protect your body from colds.

It should be added that peas help prevent heart disease.

The fruits also have a positive effect on the state of the psyche, so you can protect yourself from depression if you add them to your diet.

In addition, now the fruits are especially healthy and sweet. Therefore, they can be chosen as a snack, side dish or added to various salads and other treats.

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