Named popular foods that increase the risk of dementia by 44%

To date, about 50 million patients with signs of dementia have been registered in the world.

At the same time, doctors draw attention to the fact that annually this figure continues to increase by 10 million cases. Studies have shown that lifestyle and food are to blame.

In particular, the scientific publication Keji Daily published information that meat, bacon and sausage increase the risk of developing dementia by 44%.

Of course, we are talking about the regular use of meat products that have undergone so-called deep processing.

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Cases of manifestations of dementia and signs of Alzheimer’s disease were more often found among those patients whose diet consisted mainly of meat products.

In total, data on 500 thousand patients from the British Biobank, whose age was 40-69 years, were studied.

The conclusions of scientists are disappointing. Just 25 grams of highly processed meat products increase the risk of developing dementia by 44%.

Note that the observations were carried out from 2006 to 2010.

In just 8 years from the beginning of the experiment, scientists identified a group of patients consisting of 2896 people with signs of dementia.

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