How to maintain weight after losing weight: advice from scientists

Often, after a long weight loss, men and women may complain that they are starting to gain weight again.

This can happen for various reasons. For example, there may be a loss of motivation. It is difficult for someone to maintain a diet and give up unhealthy foods.

But to maintain the result is still necessary for health.

Experts note that maintaining even a small part of the result can be very beneficial for health. Scientists told how best to do this in a conversation with The Conversation.

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First of all, doctors noted that it is necessary to create healthy habits that are less affected by problems with motivation.

For example, you can go for a walk after dinner or always choose the stairs instead of the elevator. It is advisable to devote up to 250 minutes of activity weekly.

When overeating, if such happens, it is important to get rid of guilt. In such cases, it is better to think about how you can improve the situation, for example, you can add extra time to walks and spend more time in motion.

For holidays and feasts, you also need to learn how to adapt, for example, to take less high-calorie food with you.

The specialist also noted that, according to studies, people who included high-fiber foods in their diet every day were less likely to re-gain extra pounds. The fact is that such food with a smaller amount saturates the body more. Therefore, it is necessary to include vegetables, brown risk, oats, wholemeal bread, etc. in the diet.

Do not forget about regular weighing.

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