How to lose weight for women after 50: simple advice from a doctor

With age, the process of losing weight becomes more difficult, but gaining kilograms is much easier.

Therefore, the fair sex should follow certain rules in order to stay healthy and slim, but at the same time not lose muscle mass when losing weight.

Sports doctor Ekaterina Strelnikova spoke about this in more detail, writes

She noted that after 50 years, women need to make a diet for health reasons, it is advisable to try to eat fewer carbohydrates, monitor the amount of fat on the menu if there is a problem with excess kilograms.

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In the presence of extra pounds, it is necessary to create a calorie deficit, with normal weight – to maintain a balance. In this case, training must be taken into account.

I analyzed Strelnikova in more detail the issue of nutrition.

For every kilogram of weight you need to eat at least 1 gram of quality protein. You can choose eggs, beef and so on.

Useful milk and dairy products, which have essential amino acids.

The amount of sugar and flour is important to reduce.

We must not forget about vegetables, fruits, grains. They must remain in the diet to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

As for healthy fats, they should be on the menu at least a gram for every kilogram of weight. Still, they ensure the normal functioning of hormones and organs, which means that it is definitely impossible to exclude fats.

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