Foods that should never be eaten before bed. Remember once and for all

Those who care about their health never gorge themselves at night.

This is because the digestive system needs to rest at night. But, if you are unable to fall asleep on an empty stomach, you need to know what foods should not be consumed at all at night.

You can not drink alcohol, because they excite the nervous system and have a huge amount of sugar. If you want to fall asleep, replace alcohol with chamomile or mint tea.

You can not eat fast carbohydrates – chocolate, buns and cakes. Due to the sugar content, insulin synthesis increases.

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From this, the walls of blood vessels begin to suffer and excess weight accumulates. Eating fast carbohydrates will lead to health problems.

Dairy products should not be consumed. From such a dinner, the pancreas will suffer. During this period, the pancreas will begin to produce insulin, which will lead to the accumulation of fat. And the hormone of harmony and growth will be blocked.

You can not eat fruits and berries. If you use them after meat, then you should prepare for the fact that you will be tormented by colic and bloating. They cause fermentation, and this should be remembered.

You can not eat fried, smoked and fatty foods. These foods take a very long time to digest. There is a big load on the liver, gallbladder and stomach. Meat products should be consumed before 18:00.

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