A nutritionist spoke about the beneficial properties of cabbage for the elderly

Older men and women should include white cabbage in their diet.

Margarita Koroleva said this in an interview with Moscow 24.

She recalled that such a vegetable is considered an excellent source of dietary fiber, which means that it has a positive effect on bowel function.

The doctor noted that often in people of retirement age, intestinal motility slows down, but cabbage can improve the situation, maintain the normal functioning of the body.

Photo: © Belnovosti

In addition, the useful elements that are in cabbage are needed to maintain the nervous system in a normal state.

There are many vitamins in cabbage, for example, C and B, which contribute to this.

There is useful fiber in the vegetable.

Also, potassium enters the body from cabbage, which means that we can safely say that adding such a product to a regular diet can improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels.

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