What 5 techniques in the design of the living room are hopelessly outdated: the opinion of designers

We spend a lot of time in the living room, so it is important that the room is decorated in a modern way.

  • What 5 tricks are clearly outdated?
  • The main place is the space in front of the TV
  • No decor on the walls
  • Huge wall and similar storage systems
  • Lighting
  • Lack of interesting colors

Thanks to some tricks, the living room can again be made fashionable and stylish.

What 5 tricks are clearly outdated?

The main place is the space in front of the TV

Many design experts note that with current trends, many refuse to use TV as the basis of the living room interior.

It used to be relevant, but now the gadget has ceased to play such an important role. Therefore, you can choose what you like as the semantic center.

living room
Photo: © Belnovosti

No decor on the walls

Such space is read as lifeless and non-residential. Still, the walls are a real canvas for creativity. A person can show his taste, inner world and hobbies with the help of decor.

So feel free to ennoble the walls with what you like.

Huge wall and similar storage systems

Designer Yulia Tychino, an expert on the BelNovosti network publication, notes that the era of walls and a large amount of furniture in the living room has finally become a thing of the past.

A room looks cozy with “light” and unobtrusive storage systems that leave a lot of free space.


Good versatile lighting will always be relevant and in demand. So it’s time to think about this issue.

It is best to use multiple scenarios at the same time to vary the amount of light depending on the time of day and mood.

Lack of interesting colors

For a long time, an exclusively pastel palette dominated, which seemed the most relevant and in demand. However, complex shades combined with spectacular contrasts are now at the peak of popularity.

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