What 10 mistakes many households make when arranging a small apartment

Arranging a small apartment can be much more difficult than arranging a large interior. Every detail matters here!

  • 2 most common mistakes when arranging a small room
  • Functionality is the most important issue in a small apartment
  • Zoning a small apartment – how to do it right?

Furniture and accessories should be chosen so that there is enough space to store all the trinkets and at the same time you can move freely! And it also needs to be stylish and atmospheric …

Does your head hurt just thinking about it? Don’t worry, we can help! Of course, we won’t tell you how to furnish your space.

But we will tell you what to avoid so that your small apartment does not turn into a dull, overloaded clutter.

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From this article you will learn:

  • What are the most common mistakes when arranging small apartments?
  • How to make the arrangement of a small apartment functional and what 3 mistakes should be avoided?
  • What are the 3 main mistakes when dividing a small space into zones?
  • What details should you pay attention to?
  • Why is it worth knowing (and applying) the tricks of interior designers?

2 most common mistakes when arranging a small room

What to look for when arranging a small living room? In general: on fashion! For several years, interior design magazines have been dominated by photographs of rooms with richly colored walls or large-patterned wallpapers. But what happens when you use such inspirations for a small apartment? This almost always leads to disaster! The interior will optically become even smaller, darker and gloomier.

In a small interior, opt for accessories in dark colors or with a large pattern. It is better to leave the walls in light colors – it is not necessary to make them white right away!

The second common mistake when arranging a small apartment? Eclecticism! If in a large interior a combination of different design styles gives an interesting, original effect, then in a small apartment it is difficult to create such an impression. Here it is better if the situation is sustained in the same style. If you like to experiment, you can break the composition with one element. Let it be, for example, the expressive color of a sofa or an interesting pattern on textiles.

Functionality is the most important issue in a small apartment

Arranging a small apartment is not only the choice of furniture and accessories to your liking. Often this is, first of all, an attempt to organize the interior in such a way as to accommodate all your belongings. Although this position seems obvious and very reasonable, there are several pitfalls hidden in it.

  • Firstly, in a small interior it is easy to overdo it. There can be too much of everything: furniture, accessories, decor items.

How to furnish a small apartment? Embrace minimalism! When you reduce the amount of detail in the interior, it immediately becomes more harmonious and neat. Let there be less furniture, and try to fit the one that remains into the space as best as possible.

  • Excessive accumulation of objects is also due to the fact that the solutions used in the arrangement of a small apartment are non-functional. When arranging small rooms, you often have to make compromises. It is important not only what furniture and accessories you like, but also which ones fit well into the interior. Example? Instead of a large armchair for relaxing in the evenings, choose a comfortable corner sofa. You can use it for reading, watching TV, and at night as a bed!
  • The third mistake is lack of storage space. Small interiors must be organized wisely and the available space must be fully utilized! Therefore, when planning the arrangement of a small hallway, design a storage pavilion above the closet. For the bedroom, choose a bed with a drawer where you can put extra things. Furniture in the living room can reach all the way to the ceiling, and pouffes can open up to provide extra storage space for knick-knacks.


The most opportunities for using space are given by the arrangement of a small apartment in

townhouse. If you are equipping such an interior, consider creating a mezzanine floor. This way you get a lot of extra space! In the case of arranging a small room in an apartment building, on the contrary, you should think about ordering custom-made furniture.

Zoning a small apartment – how to do it right?

A small apartment (and especially the arrangement of a small living room with a kitchen) requires space zoning. Many people use heavy furniture and partitions for this – as a result, the interior begins to seem cramped and claustrophobic. How to do it right? Remember that the division can be very conditional! Your goal is not to actually split one small room into two. Therefore, instead of a heavy wall or sliding doors, try using openwork shelving, different (but still bright!) Wall colors, or just play with furniture arrangement.

But don’t separate the zones with different floor textures! This is another common mistake. If you lay laminate in the living room, light-colored tiles in the kitchen and dark tiles in the hallway, you will optically reduce the free space unreasonably!

The functionality of the interior is often also influenced by… the right lighting! It is not at all true that only one light source is needed in a small room. On the contrary, a well-lit small room will immediately appear larger! Therefore, choose at least a few light sources! In addition to the main ceiling lamp in the bedroom, place the lamps on the bedside table. In the living room, place floor lamps or add wall lamps.

THIS IS WORTH KNOWING! When decorating a small apartment, it is better to choose a lamp in a neutral color. It will not change the color of interior items and is perfect for any time of the day!

Arranging a small room in an apartment building – details that matter

Is it possible to make a mistake when choosing curtains for the living room or bedspreads for the sofa? Contrary to appearances, it turns out that yes! Textiles made of too heavy materials will overload your living room or bedroom. Instead of such details, give preference to light curtains, blinds and thin, but still warm woolen blankets. All this will make the interior seem lighter, softer and therefore more spacious.

Light-colored textiles look best in small rooms. If you prefer dark accessories, choose them strategically and in small quantities. Constantly keep an eye on the overall arrangement to make sure that there are not too many dark colors.

Arrangement of a small hallway, living room and other interiors: use design tricks!

The last mistake to avoid when furnishing a small apartment is not to use smart tricks.

Include mirrors in the interior. Try to have a chest of drawers, chest or bookcase with reflective fronts (such as lacquered). Do not be afraid of glass surfaces, let them also appear in your apartment. All this will make the interior optically larger and more spacious!

It is not easy to furnish a small apartment so that it is not only functional, but also stylish. However, it is worth taking the time to create a design, match the colors of the walls and the shapes of the furniture to perfection. As a result, your apartment will optically become much more spacious, and it will be easier for you to place all your things. The changes may surprise you!

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