“Refreshing effect”: one action – and old furniture will become an interior decoration

For a serious renovation of the interior, it is not at all necessary to make repairs and spend a lot of money.

Sometimes it is enough to change just a few details – and the appearance of the room improves significantly.

Priority attention should be paid to the old and long out of the water furniture. For example, on a set (“wall”) or on cabinets that no longer look very nice.

Many people find it necessary to throw away such items in order to replace them with new furniture.

Photo: © Belnovosti

However, Yulia Tychino, an expert of the BelNovosti network publication in the field of design and interior, advises not to buy new things, but to update old ones.

Then it will turn out to save money and achieve a “refreshing effect”.

What to do with furniture

Paint is what will turn an old chest of drawers or sections into an interior decoration.

Enough to paint the furniture. It is desirable to choose a color that will go well with the rest of the interior. Usually we are talking about white paint.

In most cases, such an update is enough to make even the Soviet “wall” look fashionable.

The method is very simple, but the result often exceeds even the wildest expectations of apartment residents.

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