How to visually raise the ceiling in the room: 3 design tricks

Due to the low ceiling, the rooms begin to look cramped and uncomfortable.

  • Using one color
  • Striped wallpaper
  • Installation of special fixtures

There is a feeling of lack of free space.

Being in such rooms is not very pleasant, especially if there is bulky and tall furniture.

Fortunately, there are three ways to visually raise the flow at once. And they can be used at the same time.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Yulia Tychino, an expert of the BelNovosti online publication in the field of design and interior, shared her tricks.

Using one color

To make the ceiling appear higher, you need to paint this surface in the same color as the walls. It is desirable that it be white or beige.

As a result, an optical illusion will arise: it will seem as if there is much more free space in the room.

Striped wallpaper

Another way to visually raise the ceiling is to use striped paper finishing material.

Such wallpaper should appear on the walls. Moreover, it is necessary that the stripes go from bottom to top, and not be located horizontally.

Installation of special fixtures

One of the reasons for the feeling of tightness in a room with a low ceiling is the presence of a huge pendant lamp.

From such a lighting device should be abandoned. Install preferably built-in.

In this case, the lamp will not “take away” the space, which is already small.

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