How to make the bedroom as comfortable and cozy as possible: designers revealed the main tricks

To create a comfortable space in the bedroom, you must first free the room from obviously unnecessary things.

  • What other tricks can make the space very cozy?
  • Books
  • Carpet
  • Blankets and bedspreads

Thanks to this, it will be much more pleasant to relax in the room.

But after that, you should choose a comfortable bed that would take into account the physical parameters of a person. Bed linen should be natural. It is better to choose light shades of textiles, says designer Yulia Tychino, an expert on the BelNovosti online publication.

What other tricks can make the space very cozy?


Many experts advise making the bedroom a free zone from gadgets and TV, but reading before bedtime is a very good way to spend time and tune in to rest.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Also, beautifully designed books placed in a prominent place will make the space perfect.


This type of textile will not only make the tactile sensations more pleasant, but in general will make the image of the bedroom more attractive and comfortable.

It is best to choose a large size coating with a spectacular pile.

Blankets and bedspreads

Such textiles should be presented to you in various forms. After all, we use them depending on the season and mood.

You can, for example, purchase a stylish vintage chest for storing textiles. This will not only make the storage system more convenient, but also create a special atmosphere.

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