How to equip a small kitchen: 6 tips for renovation

Any hostess wants to have a spacious kitchen, where you can arrange a dining area without hesitation.

  • Secondly, headset
  • Thirdly, planning
  • Fourth, color
  • Fifth, accents

But not everyone is so lucky and part of the population continues to huddle or expect better living conditions in not the most spacious kitchens of houses built during the time of N. S. Khrushchev.

Designers assure that in modern conditions a small kitchen is not a sentence, but a place for rampant fantasy. One has only to abandon a number of familiar ideas.

First, home appliances

Photo: © Belnovosti

Now you can choose a refrigerator and a gas stove of any size. For those who do not like to cook or for a small family, you can save space by installing a two-burner hob. Refrigerator, you can choose a small, dishwasher with a minimum load.

In other words, the technique needs to be adjusted to everyday habits.

Secondly, headset

Not the time to choose a ready-made set for a small kitchen. You can design a set of furniture yourself. In this case, cabinets can be driven out to the very ceiling.

Thirdly, planning

You need to benefit from any nook, even if we are talking about 20 square centimeters. In such a kitchen, and it will not be superfluous.

Here you can place a rack or open shelves for groceries and spices.

Fourth, color

In this case, it is better to make the kitchen in two colors. Then the set will look lighter, and the kitchen itself less cluttered.

Fifth, accents

There are no other options besides the bright design of the apron. The most practical option is tiles. You can use bright or just light options.

The main thing is that the composition is combined with the color of the walls and furniture.

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