3 things that will make the interior luxurious without spending too much

Many people want the interior of their apartment to look rich.

  • Mirror
  • Painting
  • metal objects

In order for the appearance of the premises to become luxurious, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive furniture.

You can limit yourself to using three simple things that will make the interior stylish and beautiful.

Yulia Tychino, an expert of the BelNovosti web publication in the field of design and interior, listed relatively cheap items that make the interior look expensive.

Photo: © Belnovosti


The mirror performs several functions in the apartment at once. First, it allows you to see yourself. And this is important when performing hygiene procedures, applying makeup and trying on clothes.

Secondly, the mirror visually expands the space. Thanks to this, even the cramped room begins to look spacious.

Thirdly, the mirror makes the interior luxurious. Especially if the device has beautiful frames and lighting.


Pay attention: not “pictures”, but “picture”.

Several works of art on one wall at once will make the interior too colorful.

But one large picture instead of several small ones will provide the room with a luxurious appearance.

metal objects

Metal objects (for example, furniture handles or figurines) make the interior look expensive.

It’s all about beautiful shine. And if metal things have a gold or silver color, then the room will become even more beautiful and cozy.

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