3 main mistakes in the interior of the kitchen: everyone should know this

Specialists can distinguish an unprofessional approach to the design of the kitchen, which is called the naked eye.

  • Error one
  • Error two
  • Error three

Incredibly, this is indicated by an extension cord that the hostess must use to connect one or another household appliance. Unfortunately, that’s not all.

Considering that the kitchen is considered the hearth for most, it is necessary to approach its arrangement with maximum attention and utmost precision.

Error one

As already mentioned about extension cords: in the kitchen you cannot save on the number of outlets. And you need to take into account the load, because it is here that a large number of energy-intensive equipment is concentrated – an oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. Well, if there is an extra outlet. It’s better than stepping over an extension cord.

Kitchen Faucet
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Error two

Whatever the lifestyle, it is impossible to refuse the hood in the kitchen. Moreover, it is recommended to give preference to equipment that has an outlet to ventilation – it helps out when you need to urgently ventilate the room. A hood with a replaceable cartridge in this regard does not help much.

Error three

There is not much lighting in the kitchen. It is good if there is an additional light source above the stove in the hood, another one above the work area, as well as a separate lamp above the eating area. In such a room, it is not only comfortable to cook, but also to arrange evening gatherings.

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