Why stick cloves in onions: an original chef’s trick

The cloute bulb is a technique most often found in French cuisine recipes.

Under the unusual name is a peeled onion studded with clove buds.

Such an onion, and sometimes garlic, is placed in a cooked dish or aspic.

Why are cloves in onions

This cooking technique implies that dried cloves are stuck into the onion, previously peeled, in order to further ennoble the dish.


The trick is that such a “construction” will help to saturate and enrich the dish with taste and aroma.

In the process of cooking, before heat treatment, clove buds are stuck into the bulb.

Then the onion and cloves are lowered into the pan and continue to boil or stew in the usual way. After cooking, the onion is removed – it is no longer needed.

Onion lovers can eat it, but it is better to throw out the cloves. The cloves have been saturated with onion juice, so they will have a very rich taste – like after cracking a peppercorn.

A simple trick will allow you to fully appreciate the role of cloves in cooking.

The onion klute will give the dish a unique taste. It can be added not only to soups, but also to stewed cabbage, as well as to roasts.

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