Why baked fish turned out dry: 3 common mistakes made

Oven-baked fish usually retains its juices and is healthier than pan-fried fish.

  • Mistake #1: oven temperature
  • Mistake two: cooking time
  • Mistake three: ignoring the filling

It happens that the fish cooked in the oven becomes dry. The whole point here is not the fish, but how long it was cooked and whether there was a filling. In general, 3 common mistakes are allowed in this recipe.

Mistake #1: oven temperature

The fish must be baked in an oven preheated to operating temperature. If the oven heats up with the fish, then all the juices will flow onto the baking sheet, and the cooking time will increase.

Mistake two: cooking time

Just clean the fish for a long time. Everything else doesn’t take much time. Even if the weight of the cleaned carcass reaches one kilogram, the dish will be ready in 35 minutes. Readiness is indicated by the released transparent juice from the densest part of the carcass, while the meat exfoliates from the bone.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Mistake three: ignoring the filling

Spoiling fish with vegetables will not work. If the fish is baked whole, then onions, fresh herbs, lemon, butter and other vegetables are placed inside. Cooking time may increase, but in general, the dish only benefits from this.

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