What to cook from carrots – a recipe for an incredible pate

What can be cooked directly from carrots? At first glance, it may seem that in cooking it is not an independent ingredient at all, suitable only for making juice.

  • For cooking you will need:
  • How to cook

But in fact, in addition to salads, soups, various stews and casseroles, you can cook an excellent pate.

For cooking you will need:

  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 lettuce onion (red)
  • 100 g of processed cheese;
  • cilantro, salt, spices, garlic – to taste;
  • 1 st. l. mayonnaise;
  • olive oil.

How to cook

Pre-carrots need to be washed and boiled, and when ready, peel.

Next, cut it as convenient, and grind it with a blender.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Raw onions should be cut into half rings or cubes, fry it in a pan, then mix with carrots.

Cheese, garlic and mayonnaise, salt and chopped herbs, spices are sent next to the vegetables, and everything is finely chopped and mixed.

Pate goes well with croutons or toast and fresh herbs.

The workpiece is stored for a short time, so it should not be cooked much.

Bon appetit!

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