What to add to tea instead of sugar: not even every Chinese restaurant serves a drink with these spices

Tea and coffee are among the most popular beverages, so there are many ways to improve their taste and even make them healthier.

As for tea, there are at least four additives that will make it better, more aromatic and envy even among the regulars of Chinese restaurants.

Ginger will give the drink a slight spiciness. But it is better to add not powder, but fresh ginger root.

Then tea will give vivacity and start a “second wind” when fatigue and laziness appear. Ginger goes well with honey and sea buckthorn.

Photo: Pixabay

Cinnamon will give the drink a sweetish taste. With this spice and sugar, you can not remember.

Cardamom, which leaves an astringent aftertaste of eucalyptus, in conjunction with orange and cinnamon, will make you give up sugar forever.

A very unusual taste of the drink gives cloves. Its minty taste will be appreciated even by demanding tea lovers. However, you need to cut off the spine so that the drink does not turn out to be too spicy.

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