What products must be included in the menu in April

In April, we should carefully monitor what we eat, because the body needs nutritional support. Therefore, after the cold period, very healthy products should be included in the menu, writes “News You”.


In April, it is more often recommended to prepare a light salad from Chinese cabbage, fresh cucumbers, for arugula, leaf beets and other healthier ingredients. This type of salad has high nutritional value and low calorie content.

It is also recommended to use only high-quality during this time vegetable oil, which will help the body strengthen and preserve the complex of important substances. It will be a great choice black cumin oil, avocado, linseed, olive or almond oil.


During this time, it is recommended to eat at least two to three times a week avocado.

In April, you should not forget about seafood – for shrimp, for mussels, for octopuses and scallops. It is recommended to enjoy seafood once or twice a week so that the body can rest from meat.


You should also drink water with lemon or an orangewhich will help the body recover after the winter period.

It is also worth eating more often beetswhich are very healthy.

Special attention should be paid to dairy products for kefirwhich will help the intestinal microflora.


Source: News You

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