What greens can be put in soups: TOP 5 most useful plants

Greens are a necessary component of a healthy diet, as it is not only a source of vitamins and minerals, but also chlorophyll.

  • 5th place: spinach
  • 4th place: radish
  • 3rd place: celery
  • 2nd place: nettle
  • 1st place: sleep

Chlorophyll cannot be obtained from vegetables or fruits, since it is found only in the green part of plants involved in photosynthesis. Also, plant leaves are a source of fiber – indigestible fibers that are responsible for healthy digestion.

Greens are most useful in their raw form. But even after heat treatment it retains a large number of useful properties. Many people forget that it can and should be added to various dishes, such as soups. This article lists 5 of the most beneficial green plants that will make the soup as healthy as possible.

5th place: spinach

Spinach is good because it does not have any taste. Therefore, it can be safely added to any dishes without risking changing their taste. Tender spinach leaves should be thrown into the soup a couple of minutes before the end of cooking. It can also be finely chopped along with dill and parsley to fill the soup with fresh herbs.

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Spinach contains many antioxidants, has an antitumor effect, 100 g of the plant covers the daily requirement of an adult in vitamins K and A.

4th place: radish

How is radish commonly consumed? The root vegetable is used in the salad, and the leaves are sent to the wastebasket. And this is a huge mistake!

The leaves of this spring root crop are the most valuable food product. In Asia, radishes are eaten whole, using the young leaves in salads. They can also be added to soup. Radish goes well with cabbage, nettle, sorrel, it can be put in borscht or okroshka.

3rd place: celery

Celery stalks are a must-have ingredient for a classic vegetable broth. But in soups, you can add not only petiole, but also leafy, as well as young leaves of the root. Celery will not only give the soup an amazing flavor, but will also bring considerable benefits to the body. This plant helps to restore the intestinal mucosa, normalizes digestion. It contains a huge amount of antioxidants, inhibits the development of tumors.

2nd place: nettle

Young nettles, harvested in May, are the best ingredient for spring green soups. This unique plant can be considered the very magic pill that can cure all diseases. Nettle has a rich chemical composition, thanks to which our ancestors in the spring restored the body depleted over the winter.

Important: nettle thickens the blood, so it should not be consumed on an ongoing basis.

1st place: sleep

The most hated gout, hated by most summer residents, is the most valuable food product for humans, since its chemical composition is as close as possible to the chemical composition of human blood. And unlike nettle, this plant can be eaten on an ongoing basis. Young leaves of goutweed cook very quickly, so they need to be thrown into the soup 5 minutes before the end of cooking. Petioles need 10-15 minutes to cook.

As you can see, sometimes unusual solutions are possible in cooking. Learn more about greens and their uses in the kitchen to make your diet as healthy and varied as possible.

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