Tired of the usual pancakes? One simple addition will make the dish more interesting and tasty.

When preparing dough for pancakes, cooks in most cases are limited to using a standard set of ingredients.

  • What to add to the dough
  • How to cook dough

As you know, the usual pancake base consists of flour, eggs, milk, salt and sugar.

The end result is a delicious dish. But if you cook it too often, then it will get boring.

Fortunately, the food can be easily “refreshed”. And for this, it is enough to add only one additional ingredient to the pancake dough.

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What to add to the dough

Instead of regular pancakes, try making cheese pancakes.

It is clear that for this you need to add grated cheese to the base. Three glasses of milk will require 300 grams of this product, the MOS media reports.

In addition, the dough should consist of two and a half glasses of flour, five egg yolks, one hundred grams of sugar and 3/4 tsp. table salt.

How to cook dough

In a deep container, the yolks must be mixed with the milk and sugar components. Salt the resulting mixture.

Cheese should be added to the prepared mass.

As a result, a base should come out, from which delicious cheese pancakes will surely turn out. It is advisable to cook them in butter, and not in vegetable oil.

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