How to properly prepare linden tea

Lime tea not only has calming properties, but it is also a great helper in the fight against various problems of the heart and digestive system. Linden tea can also be used to prepare a soothing bath.

1. Hot tea

One cup of linden tea requires about a tablespoon of linden, which is poured over with hot, but not boiling, water, allowing it to steep for 3-5 minutes. A teaspoon of honey or agave nectar can be added to the tea for sweetness. If the tea is prepared in a teapot, it should be allowed to steep for 30 minutes, tightly closing the lid of the teapot.

Linden leaves can also be used for tea. Pour hot water over 15 grams of dry leaves or 5 grams of green leaves. Then let the tea steep for three minutes. You can drink this tea before going to sleep.

2. Cold tea

The so-called “sun tea”, or cooling cold tea, can be made from linden tea. To make tea in a large container, you need 10 – 15 handfuls of lime flowers for about three liters of cool water. The tea is placed in direct morning sunlight, but in the evening it is placed in the shade or in the refrigerator to cool. This results in a cool and soothing summer tea drink.

3. Linden bath

Prepare 100 grams of dried linden flowers in two liters of water and let it infuse. Then the liquid is added to the bath water.


It is not recommended to drink more than three cups of linden tea a day. Drinking too much of it can lead to heart problems in the long run. It can also contribute to excessive urination.

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