How to properly clean red fish: a mistake that many do not notice

When it comes to red fish, it means either salting or cooking in the oven. It is not wise to use salmon or trout for minced meat.

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But not all housewives know how to clean not the cheapest red fish, so they often balance on the verge of an irreparable mistake.

How to clean red fish

Trout, salmon, pink salmon and other representatives of the northern noble family are known for their delicate structure. Therefore, the pre-treatment of the carcass is different from the processing of carp or other river fish.

Red fish goes through three stages in the following order:

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  1. Mucus removal.
  2. Gill removal.
  3. Evisceration.


Where does it come from in fish? This is a completely natural phenomenon. The mucus protects the fish while they are alive, but once the fish is turned into food, the mucus becomes a habitat for pathogens and must be removed.

In order not to damage the skin of the fish, it is best to rub the carcass with salt, and then rinse. You may have to repeat several times. If a small amount of this substance remains on the carcass, yellow-brown spots may appear in these places.

Scales are removed no less carefully so as not to damage the skin.


If the fish was sold with the head on, the gills must be removed before cooking. To do this, you need to cut off the lower part of the head under the mouth, after which it will not be difficult to extract the insides. If the fish is large, then you may have to cut the gills with scissors.

How to gut

In addition to removing the internal organs, it is imperative to clean the carcass from kidney tissue and blood. Care must be taken not to damage the gallbladder. If the carcass is whole, then the abdomen is cut open with a knife, immersing it not too deep, otherwise the intestines can be damaged.

After removing the entrails, you need to pay attention to the dark line along the spine, which must be removed completely, otherwise you can easily spoil the taste of the trout.

After that, the fish is washed under running water, cut into steaks or baked whole.

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