How to make amazingly beautiful cookies: inventive chefs have revealed the secret of openwork baking

Cookies are the simplest dessert, the preparation of which is within the power of any, even an inexperienced hostess.

To please loved ones with a delicious dish for tea, you just need to mix the necessary ingredients, roll out the dough and cut future cookies out of it.

Making a dessert not only tasty, but also beautiful is also very simple.

To leave a fancy pattern on the surface of the cookies, only an openwork napkin is useful.

cookie dough
Photo: Pixabay

Roll out the dough to the desired thickness and place a napkin on top.

A simple rolling pin will help to transfer the drawing to the future cookies, with which you need to carefully roll the resulting design.

It remains to remove the napkin and carefully cut out unusual cookies.

Such napkins are also great for decorating other pastries – powdered sugar sprinkled through a napkin will give a cake or pie an elegant look.

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