How to fry cutlets in Kiev: the subtleties of cooking

Probably, there are very few people who do not like chicken Kiev.

  • Filling preparation
  • Meat selection
  • Wrap the filling correctly
  • Roasting blanks
  • Using double breading
  • Cut the meat the right way
  • Removing tendons from meat
  • Deep-fried meatballs

This is a culinary masterpiece, which is distinguished by juiciness, exquisite aroma and appetizing crust.

If you want to cook chicken Kiev at home, you should arm yourself with some secrets.

Filling preparation

The filling must be prepared first. Only after that you can deal with chicken fillet.

Ground meat
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Take the butter out of the refrigerator. It should thaw until elastic.

It is better to prepare the filling for Kiev cutlets from butter, which has a fat content of 82.5%. The dish will turn out soft and tasty if you buy a really high-quality product.

In addition, add finely chopped greens to the butter so that it acquires a subtle aroma.

Meat selection

For cooking cutlets in Kiev, it is better to take chicken breast. It is tender and juicy, the dish will turn out dietary.

Choose only fresh and high-quality meat, do not purchase a frozen product. Thanks to this, a culinary masterpiece will meet your bold expectations.

Wrap the filling correctly

The cutlet must be flawlessly fashioned, because this way the oil will not flow out. Place slightly frozen butter in the center of each chicken breast.

Then cover the butter on top with the second piece of meat and wrap everything well so that you get a semblance of cabbage rolls.

Roasting blanks

To remove excess liquid, dip the products in a paper towel. Thanks to this, the oil will not splash, shoot in all directions.

Kiev cutlets are cooked in a large amount of oil, which boiled well. Products are fried until a crust of an appetizing golden hue appears on their surface. On average, cutlets are fried on one side for three minutes.

Using double breading

This is your opportunity to preserve the integrity of the filling. As a result, you will be able to serve really mouth-watering Kiev cutlets. In addition, breading is the basis for the appearance of a crispy and appetizing golden crust.

Cut the meat the right way

Chicken breast should be cut with a well-sharpened knife on the side that is the thickest. Otherwise, you will pierce the whole meat. At the very beginning, make a neat incision, and then unfold the fillet. Be sure to cut off the small fillet, as you definitely won’t need it.

Removing tendons from meat

Cutlets will come out soft and incredibly tender if you get rid of all the tendons. Cut them in several places so that the culinary masterpiece does not deform during frying.

Deep-fried meatballs

In this situation, it is better to take vegetable or corn oil. Thanks to this, the finished dish will have an interesting taste. Also, many housewives use pork fat, which is also not prohibited.

Before serving chicken Kiev on the table, be sure to pierce them with a sharp knife. The steam will come out so the heated oil won’t burn you. Loose rice, as well as vegetables baked in an oven, are ideally combined with such cutlets!

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