How to cook fish with a delicious crust without flour: chefs shared secrets

One of the main advantages of fried fish is the crust: thanks to it, serving on the table always looks as spectacular as possible.

  • Don’t forget to dry the fish
  • Well heated frying pan
  • Correct technique

It is not a shame to share such a treat with either guests or family members.

Basically, the crusts are achieved with the help of flour. But you can completely do without this component.

What should the hostess do?

Photo: © Belnovosti

Don’t forget to dry the fish

They always try to wash the product before further manipulations, but they do not always remember that excess moisture must be removed.

It is better to use napkins or paper towels for this task.

Well heated frying pan

The first step is to hold a dry frying pan on the stove for two minutes. Then pour in the oil and wait the same amount of time.

Next, salt the oil, wait a bit and send the fish.

Correct technique

The main attention should be paid to the side of the fish with the skin. It can be actively pressed to the very surface of the pan with a spatula.

But the part of the fish without a layer of skin needs to be fried quickly. Each time we hold the “tender” part for no more than 15 seconds.

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