How to cook dumplings so that they do not stick together: 3 rules that many people forget

If you decide to boil delicious dumplings, then you need to make sure that they definitely do not stick together.

  • What are 3 cooking rules worth remembering?
  • Pour enough water
  • Vegetable oil
  • Butter

Otherwise, it may ruin your appetite.

In addition, eating a sticky dish is simply uncomfortable.

What are 3 cooking rules worth remembering?

Pour enough water

In order for the filling to turn out juicy, and the dough itself not to stick together, dumplings need a sufficient amount of water.

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So, for three hundred grams of a semi-finished product, it is worth taking 900 ml of water. The ideal ratio is 1 to 3.

Vegetable oil

When cooking dumplings, the same trick works as in the case of any other flour products. We are talking about vegetable oil.

It is enough to pour only one spoon into the pan to achieve the desired effect.


But this trick is required in cases where dumplings can stick together right at the time of serving. After you have taken the product out of the pan, you need to put a cube of butter on top.

Such dumplings not only do not stick together, but also turn out to be much tastier than usual ones.

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