How to boil eggs so that they are easy to peel: chefs revealed the main secrets

Surely, many have encountered problems with cleaning eggs: sometimes the protein simply “tightly” sticks to the shell, which complicates the process of preparing the product.

  • What secrets will help in this
  • Warm up the product
  • Salt
  • Cold water and a needle

If half of the protein is left on the shell, then you can’t serve such eggs for breakfast. They’re good for salads.

However, a number of simple rules will help to avoid these culinary problems.

What secrets will help in this

Warm up the product

Not everyone knows that it is impossible to boil cold eggs. Because of this, they will crack and be difficult to clean. Therefore, before you start cooking, the eggs should be left in the kitchen for 20-30 minutes.

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This simple trick will make your life much easier.


Not a single dish can be prepared without this component, since it has different goals and objectives. In particular, thanks to a small amount of salt in the pan, the shells will literally “fly off” the eggs.

Cold water and a needle

Almost all housewives, after cooking, transfer eggs to a tank of ice water. This is the correct technique. But not everyone knows that before that, with a needle, you need to pierce the shell.

After that, no difficulties with cleaning should arise.

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