How much salt to put when cooking pasta: many housewives make a gross mistake

Despite the huge popularity of pasta as a side dish, many amateur cooks can not find the right ratio of ingredients.

Particular difficulties arise with determining the right amount of salt.

An extra pinch can make the food too salty. Lack of sodium chloride makes the garnish too bland.

So how much salt should be added so that the pasta always turns out tasty and has a normal consistency?

Photo: © Belnovosti

There is only one simple rule to follow.

What should a chef remember?

By adding sodium chloride, some housewives try to correlate the amount of spice with the amount of pasta.

But this is a mistake. You need to focus on the volume of water poured into the pan.

There should be 10 grams of salt per liter of liquid. This weight corresponds to one teaspoon with a slide.

If this ratio is observed, then the side dish will receive a sufficient degree of salinity.

The pasta will definitely not be salty. In this case, there will be no need to add another pinch of spices.

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