How easy it is to remove the film from the liver: with this trick, it will peel off by itself

The trick will help you forget about the problem forever and speed up the process of preparing the offal.

  • First way
  • Second way
  • Helpful Hints

It can sometimes be difficult for inexperienced cooks to curb the film on the liver.

Before cooking, it must be removed, but it turns out to be done only after long manipulations.

Why film? In order for the liver dish to turn out tender and tasty. There are two ways to do this without too much hassle.

Photo: Pixabay

First way

The liver is sent to the freezer for 20 minutes. During this time, the film will become stiffer and easier to remove.

Second way

The problem can be solved not only with the help of cold. Heating helps too.

To do this, they collect warm water in a bowl and put the liver there for 2-3 minutes. The film will become softer and easier to remove as well.

Helpful Hints

Soaking the liver in sour milk, kefir or whey will give the liver a slight sourness.

Soaking in ryazhenka will give a subtle hint of baked milk and a creamy taste.

The offal will marinate and become softer if soaked in water with chopped onions and salt.

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