4 simple ways to restore immunity in the spring

Not everyone feels increased fatigue after the winter period – internal vitamin resources are used up, there is a lack of sun, there is no time to think about your well-being in the rush of everyday life. It is said that such spring fatigue is caused by weakened immunity. A healthy person who follows a healthy lifestyle should feel good at any time of the year, but it’s no secret that before the New Year, many go into “winter sleep” – sports activities are neglected, and fried potatoes in cool weather cause more coziness than fresh vegetables. Therefore, a little more effort should be made in the spring to restore well-being. The good news is that it is easy to do and does not require large investments, says nutritionist Lizete Puga.


1. Quality rest

Good rest is an essential part of our daily life. “Never put yourself last. You can always find important activities, urgent responsibilities or feel responsible for others, but it is very important not to lose yourself and your desires in the confusion of work and responsibilities,” reminds Lizete Puga.

If you want to sleep – you have to find time to sleep, if you need a break – you have to take it. The nutrition specialist emphasizes that good rest is also movement, fresh air and things that make you happy. Hobbies balance the daily routine, because they bring special satisfaction, allow you to forget all your worries for a while and relax your mind and soul.


2. Amount of food

One of the foundations of healthy eating is the amount of products eaten. Lizette Puga explains: “Overeating and excessively large portions or, on the contrary, small and infrequent meals, as well as a monotonous diet, affect our well-being and make us feel weak. If we do not eat enough or lack some essential nutrients in our diet, the body lacks strength. If we eat too much, we feel sleepy and tired.”

The nutritionist recommends eating regular meals, keeping track of portion sizes and planning snacks so as not to fall into the temptation of unhealthy snacks. If you still feel that you are eating too much, do not try to eat all the prepared food at once – save it for another time and later enjoy it slowly, being aware of the taste of the food. In this sense, a good helper to understand what the composition of a portion is and how much you need to eat are ready-made and packaged meals offered by various outlets. Both the portion size and its nutritional value are usually clearly readable on the package. For example, the Narvesen salad portion is adjusted to the average desired portion size for one person. “Often the desire to do everything at once is so great that as a result we don’t always think about our actions and choices, including the choice and amount of food,” reminds the nutritionist.


3. Ginger for excitement

If you still feel that you need to take a vitamin bomb, Lizete Puga advises not to forget ginger, which is rich in antioxidants: “We often associate it with winter and hot tea, but ginger is invigorating and promotes digestion. It can be perfectly combined with freshly squeezed juices, for example, instead of a snack, choose such a drink that will provide quick energy, replenish the body’s reserves with liquid, fiber, vitamin C and powerful antioxidants, as well as pamper the taste buds. Ginger goes well with almost everything – oranges, carrots, apples, strawberries, blueberries, lemons, even mint and various spices. If you don’t have enough time to squeeze a fresh juice at home in your busy everyday life, you can try one of the fresh juices with ginger or a cold-pressed ginger shot from the “Narvesen” offer.”


4. Colors in a plate and a glass

“Fruits and vegetables are our main source of vitamins and minerals, so if you feel a lack of energy, look at how many natural vitamins and fibers are in your diet,” advises Lizete Puga. “Add colors to every meal – at least five times a day: vegetables – in main meals, fruits and berries – in snacks! Red, green, purple, orange, yellow… Let them be as different as possible! They will please the eyes, stimulate the mind and ensure that the body takes in quite a lot of valuable nutrients.”

Follow the variety of fruits and vegetables! If you choose fresh fruit one day, try a smoothie or juice the next. That way, you won’t get bored of these products, and you’ll also be able to try different flavor combinations.

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